About ZeeZome

What is ZeeZome?

ZeeZome is a film streaming platform streaming only independent movies.

What is an independent movie?

An independent movie is a film made outside the big film companies. An independent film is made with a small budget but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad, on the contrary, it’s often very creative and different from mainstream films. Of course Independent movies can consist of bad acting, bad lighting, bad edit, bad shots, but, hey, that’s the charm of it 🙂


Subscription Plans & Prices

We offer 3 types of rentals and subscription plans

1) 24 hour rental : $4.99. You will get access during 24 hours.

2) Monthly Viewer : $6.99. You will get access to all movies and subscribe monthly.

3) Filmmaker: $7.99. You will get access to all movies and you can upload your own movies. 

You can watch all trailers without signing up, they are free! 

You can quit or cancel a subscription when ever you want. 



I want to get in touch with a certain filmmaker or contributor, can you give me the contact info?

No. ZeeZome will never give out any personal info according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

I have made a movie, will you stream it? And how do I put it on your platform?

As long as the movie is different and has something unique, we’ll stream it. To get your film on ZeeZome sign up as “Filmmaker” then click “For Filmmakers” in the menu. There you submit your movie, trailer, thumbnail and a short description. The person submitting the film is responsible for the content and copyrights.

How do I get paid, and how much?

The filmmaker, distributor or film company (depending on individual contract)  will get paid 60% based on the rental price for every unique view of the movie.