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Crucified Barbara

PG-13 1h:35min

In this revealing documentary, viewers get to follow the Swedish Metal queens, Crucified Barbara on their 36 gig, six week long European tour. You’ll get close up to the girls and take part in the drama and mayhem that happened on this tour.

The Landing

PG 1h:24min

What's the real reason  why we didn't return to the moon?  An investigation into the tragic end of Apollo 18, the last US mission to the moon in 1973. Surrounding the mysteries events that occurred.

Skatebord Kings

PG-13 0h:55min

It was the golden years of skateboard, the 70’s. It was a cult, a subculture, a way of life. Skateboard King gives you an insight to how it was to grow up as a kid in these laidback years, but it was not for everybody.

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