In The Shadow Of The Horns

XXX 1h:30min

PREMIERE 2 DECEMBER 2023! Occultism. Rituals. Cannibalism. Satanism. True crimes. Exorcism. Black Metal. This movie will shock you to the core. PRESS PLAY below to watch a small TEASER!!



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Skatebord Kings

PG-13 0h:55min

It was the golden years of skateboard, the 70’s. It was a cult, a subculture, a way of life. Skateboard King gives you an insight to how it was to grow up as a kid in these laidback years, but it was not for everybody.

AC/DC – Dirty Deeds

0:55 min

This is a truly revealing look into one of Rock's most legendary acts. Interviews, performances and inside footage detail at length the rock n roll attitude that has made AC/DC the iconic band that it is.

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